Akuna Bay Cruising Club Inc. (ABCC) is a small and exciting organisation that provides members' a social boating environment.

Large vessel, small vessel; we’re all in the same boat.  We all share the love of cruising and we all share the same passion for our Hawkesbury River system. The best waterways Sydney has to offer!

Whether you think you’d prefer to cruise with likeminded Club fellows or go it alone, Akuna Bay Cruising Club (ABCC) offers so many membership benefits - it’ll add great value and excitement to your boating weekends!

Why join the friendliest Cruising Club in Sydney?

2 We’re a mix of both yacht and power vessel owners
3 ABCC has some of the best situated Private Club Moorings in the vicinity
4 We hold a number of don’t miss events in the marina during the year
5 Enjoy Private beach parties and amazing fun weekend raft-ups
6 Attend periodic boat owners’ How to… and safety demonstrations

For a low cost joining fee and very affordable annual subscription you can be part of the ABCC boating community and enjoy the benefits of becoming a Member.  To join simply DOWNLOAD the application form from our site, complete it and email it to the details shown on it.

If you know a current memebr of ABCC and feel they might wish to nominate you, please print their name at the bottom of the form (leaving the Seconding Member space blank)

We’d love you to join us, Club invitations are now open!